Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally a moment to update the blog. We have been having a great summer. Last week our cousin Matthew was here. He is four and we had a great time playing with him. Here is a picture of the kids playing Wii together.

Here is a picture of our pet Snake. Athena is allergic to Cats and Mom hates mice so we let this lovely lady live outside our house. We have spotted her several times but haven't seen a mouse in months.


Deborah said...

OK, now it is time to post some photos of the OTHER cousins! (Lurking and hoping to see some photos...)

Debbie Nowland

Mimi Nowland said...

Keep them coming, sister! By the way, I miss you.

Jared Nowland said...

Angela I am so glad you have a pet for the kids. Make sure that you remind Mimi of all of your Buster stories when we are out visiting, I'm trying to break her down so she will let me get a dog.